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Savor the freedom of life on the water. Versatile and durable, the Takacat LX Series is just as dependable for some on-water fun as it is for transport! Whether the day calls for an excursion to explore secret coves or seaside destinations, a trip to shore for provisions, or a night on the town, the Takacat LX Series is the ideal small inflatable tender for yachts or large vessels. Lightweight premium rubber construction provides superior stability for loading and ding-free towing. And it can be assembled in minutes for a quick spin around an island or a journey ashore. Go where the day takes you!

Easy Boarding & Loading

The unique open bow design provides an accessible and stable landing platform for loading provisions and gear, and makes entry and exit from shore or the mothership easy for passengers. Paired with the shallow draft of the catamaran style construction, the open bow is ideal for activities when it’s necessary to get in and out of the water, like swimming, diving, and watersports.

Takacat T260LX Outboard

Removable Tube Transom®

The removable Tube Transom® enables the Takacat to be rolled-up smaller and lighter, into two carry bags, for stowage in overhead compartments or bench seats. The open design of the tube transom and the raised deck allow water to continuously drain off the back of the boat and prevents the deck from holding water onboard, so cargo, gear, and passengers stay dry.

Quick Setup

Takacat can be fully assembled in about 15 minutes with no tools whenever you’re ready to hit the water. Hulls can be inflated through a standard Halkey-Roberts valve using an electric air pump, or the included hand pump. When it’s time to pack the boat away, simply unplug and push air out of the hulls and roll it to fit in the carry bags. Bags are vented on each side, so the boat can dry out even when put away wet, and stays fresh.


The innovative and versatile Takacat is the best inflatable tender for life on the water.

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Versatile and Durable

The flexible catamaran design of the Takacat easily accommodates an outboard, making it a do-it-all workhorse for life on the water. When not being used to take passengers ashore or for provisioning, take it out for a day zooming around islands or scuba diving. The hull tubes are ultra-durable with custom made 3-ply PVC reinforced fabric material, and can be re-tubed simply and cost effectively. Takacat is also available with UV stabilized Hypalon / CSM (Polyethylene Synthetic Rubber) material.

Smooth and Stable Ride

The inflatable hull design and tapered bow of the Takacat skims over the top of rough, choppy water for a smooth and ultra-stable ride. The rigid air-deck floor with anti-skid, anti-UV coating provides maximum traction and low draft makes it easy to pilot the boat through shallows and get into those secret dive spots. Add an outboard for speed, or row with the included oars.

Easy, Frictionless Towing

The lightweight and durable inflatable construction of Takacat, along with the unique fully open transom design, prevents the hull from holding water on board which greatly minimizes drag when towing. Takacat can be towed with a 3-point harness using two D-Rings on the hulls of the boat and twin D-Rings on the underside of the floor. Full length rubber reinforcement under the tubes and rubberized rub rails on the sides offer extra protection from dents and dings for both the Takacat and the mothership.


Transport With Ease With These Takacat LX Series Boats

These boats are extra small on stowage footprint but big on all the unique advantages of a Takacat, such as superior draining and stable, durable construction.

Takacat Boat Tender LX Series Lineup

The T300LX, and the T260LX are the innovative and ultra compact tenders with big personality, making them dependable, fun and always ready to get you where you need to go.

We want to make sure you’ve found the perfect Takacat for you. Have a larger vessel and need more space for passengers? See the full lineup.



Optional accessories make the ease of the Takacat experience even greater. Thoughtfully designed to maximize performance and comfort, add-on features such as rod holders that multi-task to hold umbrella and other gear are a trademark of Takacat design innovation.


Pump Accessory Image

Recommended Boat Tender Accessories

Expand the performance and capabilities of Takacat with these optional accessories for boat tenders.

Automatic Electric Inflator*

Get on the water faster with the speedy electric pump. Boat inflation takes 4-5 minutes, depending on the size of the Takacat you are inflating.
* Brand and style may vary by dealer.

Fishing Accessory Image

Boat Cover

The Takacat boat covers protects your Takacat from the sun and other damaging environmental factors while not in use, increasing the life span of your boat.

Fishing Accessory Image

Beach Wheels (set)

Get your inflatable boat to and from the water with minimal effort. The Takacat quick release wheels connect to the Takacat Tube Transom® with no tools needed. No need for the hassle of drilling or retrofitting aftermarket wheels.

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