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Get dependable performance when it counts the most. The Takacat LX Series is the preferred inflatable dinghy for the crew of Barba Boat, and is used as a dive boat by the Calvert Marine Museum Paleontology team and the NOAA and National Aquariums for leatherback turtle research in Florida. With it’s unique inflatable catamaran design, Takacat pairs rugged versatility with lightweight portability for maximum performance on the water. The aerodynamic tapered bow slices through rough water for a smooth comfortable ride wherever research calls—whether it’s studying whales in icy arctic waters or tagging and monitoring leatherback sea turtles in Caribbean seas.

Revolutionary Tube-Transom®

The unique removable ultra-lightweight Tube Transom makes Takacat about 15 lbs lighter and considerably more portable than other inflatables. Removing the transom allows the Takacat to be rolled-up small into two carry bags—a huge advantage over standard fixed transom inflatables, which have a much larger pack down footprint due to the fixed transom. The carry bags can be easy stowed on board, or checked as baggage on a plane.

Designed Smart For Durability

Smartly-designed construction makes Takacat extra durable and easy to repair. Takacat is made with durable 0.9 mm, 1,000 Denier custom made 3-ply PVC reinforced fabric material and designed with 50% less seam work that traditional inflatable boats. Seams are glued rather than welded, making them more resistant to brittleness that commonly occurs with welded seams. If tubes need to be replaced, simply order new tubes and assemble as usual, no costly re-tubing necessary. Takacat is available with Hypalon for added abrasion protection in extreme climates and conditions.

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Stable & Dry Diving Platform

The open bow design of Takacat provides an accessible and stable landing platform for loading gear and easy entry and exit from boat or water for divers, even in full SCUBA gear. The taper on the bow allows the boat to skim through water for a smooth ride, even on rough seas. Along with the open transom and raised deck, the open bow allows for constant drainage and prevents the deck from holding water onboard. This keeps gear dry and makes Takacat an ideal and safe choice for launching in the surf.


The innovative and versatile Takacat is the perfect marine dinghy for research vessels.

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Stable and Roomy

The inflatable catamaran design and roomy air deck floor system creates a firm surface for plenty of gear and crew. The air deck floor inflates to 10 psi, and is high-pressure laminated and heat pressed to the top layer creating a rigid, ultra-durable surface. The deck surface is coated with special non-skid coating with added UV-protection, for maximum traction and durability. With the help of the open bow, entry and exit is easy and safe from boat, beach or water, and the deck (and your gear) stays dry.

Light Environmental Impact

Takacat has a shallow draft that lets the boat glide on top of water to easily access shallow water habitats, with minimized impacts on wildlife and without grounding the boat. The low draft, paired with lightweight construction, allows Takacat to be rowed through sensitive areas and explore nearshore ecosystems, even those with heavy vegetation. In addition, Takacat is easily powered by electric and small horsepower outboards for minimal impact on the ecosystems you're researching.

Easy Towing & Portability

Lightweight rubber construction makes Takacat easy to tow or secure from davits. The boat can be towed with a 3-point towing bridle using two D-Rings on the hulls of the boat and twin D-Rings on the underside of the floor. The unique open bow and transom design means the deck never holds water, greatly minimizing drag when towing. Rubberized rub rails on the sides of the tubes offer extra protection against dings and dents. When it’s time to pack down, carry bags are vented so the boat can be stowed away wet and stay fresh.


Gear Up With Confidence With These Takacat LX Series Boats

The boats below provide research teams with all of the performance features of the Takacat series, such as efficient planing and the always-dry deck, with ample space for tanks and diving gear.

Takacat Marine Research LX Series Lineup

The T420LX, and the T380LX offer the maximum deck surface to comfortably accommodate a full dive team.

We want to make sure you’ve found the perfect Takacat for you. Need a smaller boat for tight water environments, economy, or smaller storage? See the full lineup.



Optional accessories make the ease of the Takacat experience even greater. Thoughtfully designed to maximize performance and comfort, add-on features such as rod holders that multi-task to hold umbrella and other gear are a trademark of Takacat design innovation.


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Recommended Marine Research Accessories

Expand the performance and capabilities of Takacat with these optional accessories for marine research.

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Quick Release Rod Holders

Rod holders double as an umbrella holder on those extra sunny days, or can carry other critical equipment to clear up floors space. They can be quickly clipped on and off of the Tube Transom®, no tools needed.

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Beach Wheels (set)

Get your inflatable boat to and from the water with minimal effort. The Takacat quick release wheels connect to the Takacat Tube Transom® with no tools needed. No need for the hassle of drilling or retrofitting aftermarket wheels.

Automatic Electric Inflator*

Get on the water faster with the speedy electric pump. Boat inflation takes 4-5 minutes, depending on the size of the Takacat you are inflating.
*Brand and style may vary by dealer.

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How to Buy Your Takacat

To buy a Takacat, or if you need help choosing the best model to fit your needs, get in touch with us or one of our dealers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.