Our passion for boating and leading edge design comes from a lifetime spent in and around inflatable boats. We invite you to experience the most innovative and modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats on the market. High performance, versatile, portable, cost effective, and capable of handling various conditions, the Takacat LX Series is ready for open water adventure.

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The Takacat LX Series is an innovative lineup of quality catamaran inflatable boats designed and developed in New Zealand. Whether you love fishing and exploring, or you’re simply looking for a quality portable tender for your boat, The Takacat LX Series of foldable sports boats and lightweight dinghies are a dependable, versatile, and fun option on any type of water. All of the inflatable boats in the lineup can be rolled up into two handled carry bags for easy transportation and storage thanks to the innovative and fully removable Tube Transom® system for easy transportation and storage.

Our Boats Are...

Used by Boating Professionals
Takacat inflatable boats are not only a great option for recreational use, they are quality-built to provide tough, dependable performance, making them a popular choice for professional organizations, rescue teams and explorers alike.

The Ultimate Portable Dinghy
The Takacat packs down to two handled carry bags, making it ultra lightweight and portable. This “boat in a bag” can be easily thrown in the trunk, stowed in overhead compartments on a larger vessel or motorhome, or even checked as baggage on a plane.

Explore The Takacat LX Lineup

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Available in Exciting Colors
Our boats are available in 8 exciting colors from authorized Takacat Americas dealers. Click on the swatches above to see how you can make waves with bold colors.

Boats are also available in select custom colors. Contact your dealer for options.

The Takacat Advantage

Every model on the team is packed with unique features, making the Takcacat LX Series boats some of the most innovative inflatable boats on the market.

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Ultra-Portable Storage

No need for the hassle of a trailer or the cost of storage. Pack down the boat into two carry bags and throw it in the trunk, closet, or overhead compartment. The carry bags are vented, so you can even store it wet and it stays fresh.

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Fast-Draining Removable Tube Transom®

The revolutionary removable Tube Transom® allows the deck to drain continuously, so the boat never holds water. Lightweight stainless steel construction on the tube makes the boat 15 lbs lighter than traditional inflatable boats.

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Durable Single-Seam Construction

The hulls are constructed with a single seam, rather than the double seams on standard inflatables. Less seam work minimizes the likelihood of damage at the weakest spots of the boat. The seams use a chemically bonded gluing system for durability against brittleness.

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Lightweight PVC rubber material construction and the sleek Tube Transom® keeps the boat lightweight, making it easy to pilot with the included oars. External oar rowlocks and Velcro straps ensure your oars stay on board with you.

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Fast & Stable Catamaran Design

The lightweight catamaran style and aerodynamic tapered bow of Takacat glides over the water for smooth, fast travel. The high pressure air deck with non-skid coating creates a rigid platform to keep passengers and cargo steady on the water.

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Easy-Entry Open Bow Design

The open bow, raised deck and rigid air deck floor makes boarding passengers and cargo effortless from beach, dock, and even a larger vessel. Combined with the shallow draft of the boat, entry and exit from the water is just as simple, even for small children and pets.

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How to Buy Your Takacat

There is nothing more exciting than making a purchase you know the whole family will enjoy. To buy a Takacat, or if you need help deciding, get in touch with us or one of our dealers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.