Search & Rescue

Ready and dependable when it’s most critical, the durable Takacat LX Series inflatable rescue boat can be assembled and on the water quick when it’s go time, and packed away small when it isn’t. Built with an aerodynamic tapered bow, the inflatable catamaran style design skims over the water, for an ultra-stable platform in rough waters. The open bow makes entry and exit from the water easy and the open transom means the non-skid deck stays dry even in extreme conditions so rescue teams can be focused on the mission at hand.

Easy Loading From Land or Water

The unique open bow design provides easy access to a flat and stable platform for loading and unloading crew and gear or a gurney or stabilized person. It also creates a safe and ready entry and exit point from the water for divers in SCUBA gear or for loading injured people on-board. The open bow helps the deck constantly drain so the boat never holds water on board—a clear advantage on beach landings or in inclement weather.

Quick Assembly

An air pressure release valve on each hull allows for quick inflation with minimal tools through a standard Halkey-Roberts valve using an electric air pump, or the included hand pump. Takacat can be assembled in about 15 minutes (or less with an industrial grade inflator pump) at the drop in location or assemble elsewhere and transport to the water using optional quick-release wheels.

Removable Tube-Transom®

The removable Tube Transom® makes the Takacat more portable and lighter than traditional inflatable boats. The unique tube construction makes the boat about 15 lbs lighter overall, and removing the transom allows the boat to pack down to a significantly smaller footprint for storage or transport. When deflated, the boat packs down to two carry bags that can stored on every fire truck for quick response coastal and swiftwater rescues, thrown in a larger rescue boat or helicopter, or carried to a remote site.


The innovative and versatile Takacat is the perfect inflatable lifeboat for search and rescue.

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Superior Stability and Room

The inflatable catamaran design is ultra-stable and roomy enough for stretchers and gear. The air deck floor system inflates to 10 psi and is high-pressure laminated and heat pressed to the top layer creating a rigid surface for gear and crew to stand and work. The deck surface is coated with special non-skid coating for maximum traction. A completely open boat will allow a stabilized adult to lay down completely, so crew and rescue personnel have room to work.

Performance Built To Last

Takacat stands up to the job with sturdy and innovative materials and construction. The durable 0.9 mm, 1,000 Denier custom made 3-ply PVC reinforced fabric material resists punctures and abrasion. Single-seam construction along the hulls minimizes the risks of damage at the weakest points and the seams chemically bonded gluing system adds protection against the brittleness common with welded seams. This means Takacat can be stored for long periods of time and still be ready to go when you need it most. If re-tubing is necessary, simply order new tubes and assemble as usual, no need for costly and time-consuming repair. Takacat is also available with UV stabilized Hypalon / CSM (Polyethylene Synthetic Rubber) material for extra resistance to abrasion and extreme elements.

Gets You Where You Need To Go

The shallow draft and ability to accommodate multiple types of propulsion make Takacat a versatile tool for water rescue. The boat can be rowed or powered with an outboard. The light weight of the boat means less output is needed to power the boat for situations in electric-only waterways where an electric outboard is required. The light weight also makes Takacat easy to row, and the shallow draft of the boat skims over water to reach remote areas or get further up on the beach without grounding the boat.


Be Ready For Anything With These Takacat LX Series Boats

Be prepared with a boat that will provide safe and reliable transportation so your team can attend to water emergency situations with confidence.

Search and Rescue LX Lineup

The T420LX, and the T260LX both offer supreme portability and all of the advantages of the Takacat design, with a size to fit your SAR needs.

We want to make sure you’ve found the perfect Takacat for you. Looking for a mid-size boat for a small team? See the full lineup.



Optional accessories make the ease of the Takacat experience even greater. Thoughtfully designed to maximize performance and comfort, add-on features such as rod holders that multi-task to hold umbrella and other gear are a trademark of Takacat design innovation.


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Recommended Search & Rescue Accessories

Expand the performance and capabilities of Takacat with these optional accessories for search and rescue.

Automatic Electric Inflator*

Get on the water faster with the speedy electric pump. Boat inflation takes 4-5 minutes, depending on the size of the Takacat you are inflating.
*Brand and style may vary by dealer.

Boat Cover

The Takacat boat covers protects your Takacat from the sun and other damaging environmental factors while not in use, increasing the life span of your boat.

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Beach Wheels (set)

Get your inflatable boat to and from the water with minimal effort. The Takacat quick release wheels connect to the Takacat Tube Transom® with no tools needed. No need for the hassle of drilling or retrofitting aftermarket wheels.

Need Personalized Assistance?

If you are a Fire & Rescue or Coast Guard team needing personalized assistance or customization, please reach out to us below with a short description of your needs and we will contact you.

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How to Buy Your Takacat

To buy a Takacat, or if you need help choosing the best model to fit your needs, get in touch with us or one of our dealers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.